A resource for law enforcement

Critical Incident Videos helps law enforcement provide comprehensive information that communities need in order to understand the facts of critical incidents. We do not draw any conclusions; we simply provide the relevant specifics as provided by raw footage and supporting information.

Law enforcement transparency

We have created countless individual videos and have had experience working with dozens of law enforcement agencies from across the country. Our unique experience allows us to help law enforcement in a way that no other advisor can.

We can help determine:

  • which aspects of the video would be best accompanied by an on-camera representative
  • when to subtitle
  • use of animations or zoom to help clarify what is shown

We also understand that videos may need to be updated as new information is released. We have seen how perspectives and legal approaches may change as new information comes to light. We can help you maintain open communication and clarity with your stakeholders by putting the truth of the matter front and center.