Equipped with proven engagement strategies and incomparable experience, Critical Incident Videos™ helps law enforcement agencies unite their communities through transparency and shared information.

We do this by fusing raw video material such as bodycam recordings and surveillance tapes, provided by law enforcement, with supporting information and details that communities need to know. These videos can be shared with the general public to provide further information that people want to know.

We Are Transparency Engagement Advisors

Our expert team is comprised of high-integrity, community-focused personnel – not spin doctors, not media relations “fixers.”

We are hired by law enforcement agencies to ensure that video recordings, bodycam footage, official documentation, and other supporting information related to critical incidents are shared with community members in an accurate, understandable (jargon-free) manner.

Credible, Reliable, Proven

Our video work has been recognized by Police Chiefs across the country and has been lauded by law enforcement as well as the general public as the “gold standard” for transparency implementation in our field. Our turnaround time is fast, generally being able to complete a video in 3-10 business days.

We are uncompromising in our commitment to the truth, which is why our services have been utilized countless times by cities and counties across the United States. From sprawling metropolises to small towns, we know how to communicate information surrounding critical incidents in the style and manner that community members want and need to see.


Critical Incident Videos™ does not provide commentary on its videos nor the incidents that they are related to – we simply provide the facts and the context in which those facts exist.